Floral Serenity in Doha, Qatar

Vision to reality: an exquisite interior renovation in Doha, Qatar guided by our adept team of design experts, this project elegantly combines contemporary and classic styles to forge a luxurious family haven. The renovation transformed five distinct areas into a seamless open-plan space.


Fusion of Contemporary and Classic

Our client desired a sophisticated blend of modern and traditional styles for her opulent residence, emphasising a lighter, more soulful classic aesthetic. The aim was to imbue the space with an air of refined luxury and warmth, utilising a palette centred around tranquil natural colours, with an emphasis on verdant hues.


Overcoming Architectural Challenges

Before Eva’s intervention, the house suffered from several design shortcomings. The walls were misaligned and the floors uneven, notably the differing levels between the two seating areas, exacerbated by intervening stairs. A pocket door in one of the halls disrupted the intended open-plan layout while the overall decor lacked a unified theme, with a mismatched colour scheme of gold and brown, creating a disjointed ambience.
To treat this, the core zoning concept of the floor plan focused on creating alignment and central feature walls to elegantly connect the distinct zones. Careful attention was given to every wall and corner to ensure a seamless connection while preserving privacy and individuality. The design also emphasized mirrored-facing walls and controlled movement flow, infusing the space with an understated luxury.


As we recognise the significant role furniture plays in shaping interior spaces. Our pieces are expertly crafted by one of our partners in Italy, a well-established Italian furniture manufacturer. Ensuring lasting elegance and quality. For this project, we refined the furniture layout to enhance functionality and aesthetics in every room, complementing the renovated walls and floors. Our design choices blend contemporary and classic styles, achieving a harmonious look that aligns with our client’s vision.


Seema’s Personal Touch

Eva’s founder & CEO, Seema Al Mansouri, personally oversees each project from start to finish, ensuring every piece of furniture and overall decor harmonises with our design vision, thus maintaining authenticity and exceptional quality.


Commitment to Excellence

Under the supervision of our dedicated FF&E team, each piece of furniture undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure that every detail, from the initial design to the final installation, meets our rigorous international standards.


Artisanal Gypsum Craftsmanship

Our in-house artist from the Ukraine crafted the initial artwork from actual flowers and petals for these gypsum installations. Afterwards, the artwork was expertly transformed into moulds and cast gypsum was created and installed on-site by our Moroccan artisans with years of experience at EvaCasa; a subsidiary of Eva that specialises in bespoke architectural mouldings.

The Power of Styling

For the final touches that define luxury, exquisite accessories are unmatched. Our curated selection embodied contemporary elegance, featuring unique designer pieces that reflect our client’s love for crystal. Prominent brands like Baccarat, Christofle, and Lalique were central, enhanced by the modern ‘Who Icons’ tea service collection. A standout was the stunning Baccarat horse, merging black and crystal clarity, which draws the eye along. The floral arrangements, selected by our team, displayed a palette of blue, pink, and white, enriching the space’s depth.

From Conceptualization to Completion


No longer just a ‘walkway’

Transformed from a mere entryway into an elegant welcome area, the entrance now sets the home’s tone with its sophisticated design featuring scalloped patterns in green, subtle avian motifs, and bespoke gypsum artistry on the wall, creating an inviting atmosphere that draws one into the heart of the home.


Radiant Elegance: A Pop of Colour and Bespoke Gypsum Artwork

Originally, this hall exhibited an outdated aesthetic, and we were tasked with transforming it into a modern classic space. The redesign introduced a contemporary flair, marked by a bold, geometric-patterned marble floor that captivates attention and sets a modern tone. The furniture now features darker frames with plush green upholstery, infusing the space with vibrant energy and a sophisticated edge.
A striking centrepiece chandelier with elaborate, feather-like details replaces the previous subtle lighting, adding a luminous touch of modern opulence. Around this, accessories such as a crystal vase with pristine white roses and smaller coloured ones in rich amber and emerald enhance the luxurious feel. These elements rest on a circular table with a marquetry detailed edge, intensifying the room’s opulent theme and natural light interaction.
As you walk along the corridor, atop the marble console, a custom gypsum piece adds texture and a refined touch. The focal point is a striking Baccarat sculpture of a rearing horse, symbolizing strength and adding a sense of movement. The artwork is flanked by two table lamps from Baccarat that subtly enhance the atmosphere. Beneath this, two plush stools provide seating and complement the room’s colour scheme, encouraging interaction with the art.


Blue Hues and Timeless Elegance

Once defined by a lacklustre colour scheme, this sitting room has been transformed into an elegant blend of contemporary style and classic charm. A mesmerising abstract painting, rich in blues is layered on an antique mirrored wall, offering a captivating interplay of light and shadow. Complementing this is a statement chandelier, adorned with blue crystal embellishments, which beautifully reflects the painting’s vibrancy, infusing the room with timeless elegance and a touch of novelty.
Magenta, the standout colour of the year, infuses vibrancy as the accent cushion amongst shades of blue and grey that adorn the seating, harmonising beautifully with the art’s dynamic palette while enhancing both comfort and elegance. Fresh flowers thoughtfully arranged in vases throughout the space add a tranquil touch, providing contrast to the structured formality of the artwork.


Vibrant Textures and Sophisticated Comfort

Previously, the space exuded an outdated theme with neutral tones and traditional furnishings. Now, our design narrative unfolds with a focus on understated luxury and a palette that complements the architecture. Bespoke wallpaper featuring a flight of birds adds movement and whimsy, while luxurious cushions and a grand Baccarat vase filled with an artistic display of hydrangea create a striking visual anchor, merging functionality with design.
Functionality seamlessly merges with design through the incorporation of open shelving, elegantly displaying a curated selection of books and decorative objects that reflect the owners’ interests and taste, thereby adding a personal touch to the space. The transformation emphasises sophistication and warmth within a contemporary setting, blending textures and hues seamlessly to create a space that feels both inviting and refined.
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