Explore the detailed narratives and creative processes behind our completed projects in our journal. This section offers a candid look at our bespoke interior journeys, architectural planning, and more, from inception to realisation, alongside features in the media and practical design insights.

CASE STUDY 1 | Floral Serenity in Doha, Qatar

6 September 2023

Step behind the doors to one of our recently completed projects in Qatar. A case study in harmonising the timeless classics with contemporary interiors. Experience natural tranquillity through a serene colour palette, complemented by bespoke gypsum detailing and furniture pieces.

Inside the Maximalist Georgian Era-Inspired Dubai Home Known for its Symmetry and Color

18 May 2023

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2023 edition of Vogue Living Arabia, read more about our Downtown apartment’s maximalist flair, a reflection of the Georgian era. An article piece that showcases our finesse in melding symmetry, colour, and proportion to forge an interior that stands uniquely apart.
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